1. Does Dagashi Kashi author getting paid for advertise snack in her manga?
  2. Has there ever been official pornographic media for an anime and/or manga series?
  3. How come we never saw Dragons leaving the body of the Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail (2014)?

  4. What anime is this character in?
  5. Censorship in Japan

  6. What are the anime censorship laws in Japan?

  7. What are the machines used in Japan for hand-drawn animation?

  8. Which anime is this?

  9. How is anime as a whole profitable? (if it is)

  10. Joan of arc vs guy who pulls swords out of wall anime title help
  11. Why does all of Grisaia anime series have a weird video format?
  12. Why do black lines appear at the bottom of older anime?

  13. Ratio of key frames to in between frames in anime

  14. What's with the "x" in "Hunter x Hunter" (and other anime/manga)?

  15. What started the trend of 3-5 minute long episodes for anime series?
  16. Why do they censor vomiting in anime?

  17. What will happen to some specific anime if the studio who made those animes has gone bankrupt?

  18. Are scenes ever animated on 1s?
  19. Why do anime and manga use the same faces?
  20. Why can't anime studios create animes for foreigns audiences?

  21. Why do many anime not follow the manga? Why are they usually made shorter?

  22. How can I check that a given anime is really over?
  23. Are anime streaming sites legal?
  24. Are non-Tokyo dialects common in anime?
  25. Gintama Sex-Change Seiyuu Change
  26. What is the difference between an OVA and an OAV?

  27. Is the art made for anime openings made first or are the created vocals done first?
  28. How long does the producing of long run anime take?

  29. How long does producing a cour take?

  30. What's the reason To Aru Majutsu Index take so long to get the next season?

  31. How does Dragon Ball Super's anime release before the manga?

  32. Are one-off openings and endings expensive to produce?
  33. Was Sailor Moon edited in the English version?

  34. How do anime streaming sites decide whether to acquire licenses from studios to show their anime?

  35. What are the steps involved in producing an anime?
  36. Would it make sense for there to be a new category of episodes between filler and canon?

  37. How important was the invention of blue towards anime?

  38. Is there any Anime/Manga adaptation with source material from outside of Japan?

  39. How is an anime based on western-literature made?
  40. How this glow effect was created in cel-shaded anime?
  41. Why is it so rare to see new long running anime series these days?
  42. The Father or Godfather of Anime

  43. When and why did the trend of 1:30-long openings and endings begin?
  44. Why do some anime have episodes with spoiler titles?

  45. What makes Little Witch Academia a Netflix original series?
  46. Why is there so much nudity in anime and manga?
  47. What's up with Some anime titles in the english?

  48. Why don't anime studios hire native English speakers?

  49. Funding and anime diversity

  50. Why do some anime in Japanese contain English?

  51. Why do anime films tend to use film actors to voice the anime instead of professional seiyuu?

  52. Are there any foreign seiyuu that have been credited for anime work?
  53. Why do characters in some artstyles have a broken line for mouths?

  54. Are anime characters drawn seperately?

  55. Why don't anime shows finish the manga?

  56. Why are there sometimes darkened scenes in new anime?

  57. Which animation style is used in Kingdom?
  58. Does Naruto Shippuuden retain the original seiyuu from Naruto?

  59. Is it possible for a non japanese anime/manga artist to draw and color anime/manga authentically?

  60. Is this South Korean animation TV series regarded as anime due to its similar japanese animation style?
  61. Rather then a company published manga can a self published manga become a adapted anime?
  62. Why is anime so expensive to make?

  63. Why do anime discs cost so much in Japan compared to other countries?
  64. Have other series used picture cast credits besides The World is Still Beautiful?
  65. How are the themes and songs picked for a particular series?

  66. Why is adult anime so much less likely than US adult animation to be comedic?

  67. Is there a succinct list anywhere of all the general genres of anime?

  68. What is the background of March Comes in like a Lion meets BUMP OF CHICKEN?

  69. Why are certain anime not on YouTube?

  70. Why are Chinese names in anime sometimes rendered in English using the Japanese pronunciations?

  71. What is the difference in cost for anime aired on TV and online anime?
  72. Is Akira the only anime produced in 24fps?

  73. Are anime and manga subsidized or actively used by Japanese government to promote Japanese culture/relations internationally?

  74. Why does Madhouse produce anime with consistently high-quality animation?
  75. Is Miss Monochrome's voice computer edited?

  76. Can fans convince a streaming site to show a certain anime?

  77. Are there any significant differences between reading mangas as compared to watching the animation?
  78. Episodic animes vs a continuous plot
  79. What exactly is "Sakuga" and how it pertains to the animation quality?
  80. Was Vegeta's design altered mid series?

  81. Did Kick-Heart reveal a breakdown of its expenses?

  82. Anime deviation from manga

  83. Which music artist and manga artist/light novelist has the longest number of episodes working together?
  84. Who typically owns the rights to an anime's soundtrack?

  85. How is it that non reliable mangakas get work again and again?

  86. Have there been any anime with actual product placement?

  87. Is there such a thing as an 'Indie'/Alternative anime scene?
  88. How often do multi-season anime break their previous cour count?

  89. Fake anime or manga release as an April Fools Prank?

  90. Different any art styles for characters

  91. How was Aku no Hana's rotoscoping received by other animators?

  92. Is there a name for the art style in Gankutsuou?

  93. Art style choice?

  94. What major or well-known script-writing competitions exist for anime works?
  95. Are anime still submitted to broadcasters in tape form?

  96. Cost of 'Original' vs Adapted Anime

  97. Why do only some anime series translate on screen text?

  98. Are pilots produced but not released?

  99. How long does it generally take to release a soundtrack?

  100. What role did Crunchyroll play in the production of Ojisan and Marshmallow?