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  1. What language does Feitan speak when activating Pain Packer?

  2. How do inanimate objects eat devil fruit?
  3. Where did the Haganai and Oreimo cameo appear?

  4. How did Joeseph inherit Hamon from Jonathan?

  5. Is "Talk no Jutsu" actually a thing?

  6. What's the song when Yato & Hiyori are hugging under the rocks when battling Rabo?

  7. Is Ayase actually Kyousuke's sister, not Kirino?

  8. How did people even know that the One Piece was in the Grand Line?
  9. What does Minato's teleportation kunai say?

  10. What's the song when Naruto talks to the little kid in episode 13?
  11. What is the proper romanization of the wolf-girl's name?
  12. Do ninjas have extended lifespans?
  13. How strong is Koichiarator?
  14. Hisoka role in Hunter X Hunter
  15. Does Dagashi Kashi author getting paid for advertise all of those snack?

  16. Do all the snacks featured have real world counterparts?

  17. Why do almost all anime series have a "going to the beach" episode?
  18. How does Naruto's right arm work?
  19. Why didn't Kakashi take care of Naruto?

  20. Did Kakashi ever love Rin or at least feel anything for her?

  21. Did Naruto REALLY fall in love with Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie?

  22. Is Genos really a cyborg?

  23. What was Johan trying to achieve by setting fire in the book donation ceremony in Munich?
  24. Do you have to say anything to activate a NerveGear?
  25. What is theme music that plays in episode 181 at 07:37 minutes?

  26. What time travel category applies on Steins;Gate?

  27. How is Jaeger still alive at the end of Valkyria Chronicles?
  28. Did Kiyoshi have an injured knee even before being seriously injured by Kirisaki Daīchi High?

  29. What is the significance of Ran's birthday?

  30. Can Arrancar never fully remove their masks?

  31. What's true main story of "Yu-Gi-Oh" series before it was about TCG?

  32. What symptom does it called when hisoka turned on because he saw strong people?

  33. Why does Evangelion manga's plot diverge from the anime?

  34. What is the connection between the manga and movie of "Abyss of Hyperspace"?

  35. What music is playing in episode 95 of Hunter x Hunter?

  36. Why were several fights skipped in episode 31?

  37. How did Madara Uchiha give his Rinnegan to Nagato?

  38. What is the title of the song played in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2, episode 2?
  39. Who leaked info on section 9's kidnapping of Mr. Serano?

  40. What happened to Ray Penber when he died since he has used Death Note?

  41. Does Frieza have God Ki?
  42. Who are these strange people at Moriko's door supposed to be?

  43. Why didn't Minato's shroud change when he used Tailed Beast Mode?

  44. What anime is this character in?

  45. What is this anime/manga name?
  46. Why is the Boruto manga different than the anime?

  47. What is the plot in "Yukiochimura ni Oujosama!"?
  48. What's happened to the bullet inside human with Ajin ability?
  49. Why did Caesar let Law in Punk Hazard?

  50. Where can I legally watch the dubbed version of "Kimi no na wa" ("Your Name")?
  51. What does Elfen Lied mean?
  52. Why doesn't Lord Death die even though Death the Kid connects all three Lines of Sanzu?
  53. What is the gender of Chrona of Soul Eater?

  54. How are Shinigamis born?
  55. How old were Naruto and Hinata when they had their children?
  56. How does Goku's hair grow longer when he becomes Super Saiyan 3?

  57. What are the major differences between the anime/manga and the live action version of Perfect Girl Evolution?
  58. What is the track that played During Naruto's flashback of his fight with Orichimaru
  59. What is the name of the song when Yato uses Yukine to cut through the Pacification Ring to rescue Ebisu in episode 13 in Noragami Aragoto?

  60. Why is Gally's name localized as Alita?

  61. How can Obito use his Mangekyo so often?

  62. Does the theme song いのちの名前 / "Inochi no Namae" have any meaningful connection to the story of Spirited Away?

  63. What is Natsu's Birthday?
  64. Why does Zangetsu transform back into shikai mode when cutting Yhwach in half?

  65. How did Madara really obtain his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan?

  66. How many times Vegeta has surpassed Goku in power?

  67. Why did the older Tetsujin brother become shorter in the anime?
  68. Effects of writing the name of a person who has an identical twin with the same name in the death note
  69. Who is the old man at the end of Nijigahara Holograph?

  70. Is the Super Saiyan 4 transformation from Dragon Ball GT confirmed non-canon?

  71. Why does Goku still train with King Kai?

  72. Why did Furuta leave Kaiko alive?
  73. What is the music that plays in Bleach Episode 280 at 4:15 until 4:50?

  74. Is there a diffrence between Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Z Kai?

  75. Why is L hiding his face?

  76. Is the old man from episode 2 the same person we see later?

  77. Are Kale and Caulifla truly sisters or Kale call Caulifla "sister" in an affective way?
  78. What is Goku's red aura form in the new Dragon Ball Super opening?

  79. Why didn't Kazuya use his freezing ability against Chiffon?
  80. How did Tusk survive the bombing?

  81. How could Hiramekarei defeat Samehada?
  82. Does the Steam version of Wonderful Everyday VN have upscaled CG?
  83. Why did the anime stop having ending songs since episode 279?
  84. Why did the anime have so many additional cards?

  85. Why does Bermuda always address characters as -kun?

  86. What is the connection between the Cowboy Bebop anime and the movie?
  87. Do the novels explain the sudden "hair change" near the end of Gosick?

  88. Was Aquors created to rotate out μ’S?

  89. How do Gai's Gates work?

  90. What number comes after the Godaime Hokage?
  91. In Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini, what happens to Hei's powers?
  92. Inconsistency with regard to an event in the Resurrection of Freiza Arc and the Future Trunks arc

  93. Did Ichigo originally have Sode no Shiraiyuki?
  94. What happened at the end of Fate/Zero?
  95. Will Boruto be able to awaken Byakugan?

  96. Have the crew of the Bebop ever been paid for a bounty?

  97. Is the title, Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless, a good translation?
  98. What app has the most comprehensive selection of English-translated digital manga?

  99. Can the Three Great Magic of Fairy Tail be only used by Fairy Tail members?
  100. Does Naruto only have the wind chakra nature?