1. Style of Publications chapter of PhD thesis

  2. My supervisor is too involved, what should I do?

  3. How important is the write-up of a PhD thesis for an academic career?

  4. What is a reasonable rate to charge for editing someone else's thesis?
  5. Is it reasonable to suggest a PhD thesis topic in an interdisciplinar area in which none of the faculty members specialize?

  6. I am pursuing masters on a topic that does not have any previous work. What all would i need to get the thesis proposal approved?

  7. How can I be a good closer?
  8. machine learning
  9. Impossible further progress on problem of PhD thesis
  10. Is it cheating if I develop some part of my MSc. thesis in a hackathon in a team?

  11. Is there a manual of how to write an Introduction?

  12. Resources for writing a good master's proposal?

  13. prepositions "of" or "by" thesis title
  14. What would happen if I am doing my PhD on a topic and I find a very recent paper with the results I was obtaining?
  15. Is it acceptable to use personal experience when opening in presentation of my thesis?

  16. Will taking too long on my master's thesis affect getting accepted to PhD programs?

  17. Do editors like having cumulative thesis papers published in the same journal?
  18. On what factors is a dissertation approved
  19. Evaluating an opportunity for undergrad thesis in computer science
  20. How to properly address an unsolved problem that is very hard to solve in mathematical thesis?

  21. What are pros and cons of submitting a PhD thesis to ProQuest?
  22. Conflict of Interest from previous employment as a graduate student
  23. PhD supervisor is taking really long to read my thesis
  24. Can my master thesis be a part of doctoral dissertation of the Ph.D student I worked with?

  25. How to appropriately emphasize the importance of consulting more to a student?

  26. Paper is based completely on my thesis, but I'm mentioned in the acknowledgements only, not as a co-author, what should I do?
  27. Using figures from my thesis into publication post defence
  28. Advisor drops MSci student suddenly in final semester

  29. When to use "I" in a master's thesis

  30. How much code in a computer science thesis?

  31. When sending a CV for MSc thesis, should I omit any evidence that I am not going to end up doing a PhD?
  32. Is it legitimate to present self-developed, but commercial, software within my dissertation?
  33. What are the best sites or free software for rephrasing sentences?

  34. Can I copy my Thesis code from TextBook

  35. Appropriateness of dedicating my thesis to a Jewish mathematician who died in a concentration camp

  36. When is it useful to include the code in a thesis?
  37. collaboration in phd project from an undergrad student

  38. What is the meant by "A high standard of illustration (both line and photo) is an editorial"?

  39. Requesting a copy of the PhD thesis from an author?
  40. Discussing avoidable flaws in my work in a master's thesis

  41. Citing in Footnote or Bibliography

  42. Why is peer-review for journals free of charge but not for other academic documents?
  43. Phd computer science
  44. Write 'According to Wikipedia' in a PhD thesis

  45. Is it unprofessional to include a humorous quote in a PG thesis?
  46. Possible for ABD (all but dissertation) to return?

  47. Use of Acronyms in the thesis
  48. Thesis Adviser isn't checking my all
  49. Is Lambert Academic Publishing a reputable company?
  50. Courses beyond the second year

  51. Is it suitable to ask for extra work concerning my bachelor thesis?
  52. How to continue doing research
  53. Correct grammatical errors after getting PhD

  54. How do I come up with a "thesisy" thesis title?
  55. Funding for writing a computer science dissertation
  56. Advisor asking to cite his works in my thesis. Not sure if the right thing to do
  57. Is it normal for a PhD candidate to be dissatisfied with their PhD thesis topic, if the field is not hot?

  58. Permissible gap between sub-topics of a PhD thesis?

  59. Is it allowed to write a paper using another's framework?
  60. Writing a Technical Paper /research paper about an assistive (technology) software project
  61. How to cite Kindle books/ebooks when no fixed page numbers are available?
  62. Who holds the copyright if I did research at one university and write a thesis at another?
  63. Time between Viva (minor corrections) and the letter

  64. Is it appropriate to put master's and bachelor's theses into ORCID web page as dissertations?

  65. What is the best "last slide" in a thesis presentation?

  66. Is it justifiable to closely mimic the structure/organisation of another thesis for your own thesis

  67. Are self-doubt and desperation a normal part of scientific writing?

  68. Where to place tables/figures in APA style dissertation

  69. Masters thesis if course credits have expired

  70. What happens if someone publishes a paper on your current PhD thesis topic
  71. Thesis supervisor wants me to publish my work in his own conference
  72. How to cite a modified figure?
  73. What happens if a paper with same topic gets published while writing undergraduate thesis?
  74. Should I cite my supervisor in a thesis?
  75. Can a non-committee-member ask questions while watching a friend's PhD defense?

  76. How important is an (Honors) undergraduate thesis to graduate school admissions?

  77. How exhaustive should I be when enumerating works in a State of the Art
  78. How often is transfer of Copyright to University required to submit PhD Thesis?
  79. What is the difference between a masters thesis, a PhD thesis, and a journal paper?

  80. Is it acceptable to ask a question concerning a proof in a thesis?

  81. Self-Plagiarism in PhD thesis

  82. Is beautifying a dissertation looked upon unfavourably by the examiners?

  83. Using a public GIT-Hub repository (that was a homework of my group) in my Bachelor thesis

  84. Why do strict designs of theses exist?

  85. Should I change project if my chosen one's core sciencific instrument is broken?
  86. What is a committee looking for in a dissertation proposal?
  87. Is it unwise to pick an old field of research to write a PhD thesis about?
  88. Are Ph.D. dissertations always required to include new discoveries?

  89. Should I quit my PhD?

  90. Can I use less-known (but defined) abbreviations in section titles to get rid of very long expanded titles?
  91. Can I submit a review paper to a journal without being invited?

  92. Thesis advisor pressurising but no experience to guide

  93. highly technical skills: is it possible for uni staff to provide these skills for a thesis or must you teach your self?

  94. Including time-specific measures
  95. How to utilise university resources when doing an independent research masters?

  96. How to cite a reference which disappeared?

  97. What does my supervisor's response mean?
  98. Things to do while waiting for PhD viva
  99. Is this plagiarism?
  100. Correcting a thesis after publication