1. Does one typically hand over their research work to their lab if they decide to leave academia?

  2. How should I deal with discouragement as a graduate student?

  3. What should I do if the first author wants me to write the whole paper?
  4. As a new Ph.D. student (mathematical statistics) how should I read papers for research?

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  7. Is it possible to contribute to academic research after retirement from the industry?

  8. Industrial Engineering is to be better with computer engineering and mathematics department or mechanical engineerring?
  9. Research assistant: I am responsible for scheduling subjects, how do I deal with attrition in my PI's longitudinal study?
  10. Research results obsolete while publishing

  11. Help someone in research paper in practical using my coding skills
  12. Why so many people do a PhD even when chances of getting academic jobs on its completion are slim?
  13. should i give up?

  14. How to enter a completely new research area as a 3rd-year Ph.D. candidate?

  15. Comparison of student involvement in research in different countries

  16. How to recover work output from past lab when the head is uncooperative?

  17. What is the right way to patent an idea under PhD studies?

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  19. PhD research, research doubts?

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  22. How DOI gets an information in case of multiple authorship

  23. Important skills for medical researcher
  24. System for organising printed papers in folders?

  25. Is there a term for the fact that research is done only with the means available?

  26. In performing a comparison, how can I get authors to actually respond to a request for source code?
  27. Do STEM professors retire from research at age 65, while continuing to teach classes?
  28. Copyright on a research photography

  29. How to contact Researchers once you are accepted
  30. What should be taken note of in collaborating with professors/ researchers?
  31. Career options in academic research vs. national laboratory
  32. Send book right before the deadline or now?

  33. Web scraping/email harvesting to contact survey respondents

  34. Information technology requirements and issues for academic research
  35. Is it okay to work on a problem which is incremental as your first Ph.D problem?
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  38. The correlation between GPA in grad school and research ability

  39. Is there any way to stop the one-way brain drain from academia to industry?

  40. How long were your research project (from idea to publishing paper)?
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  42. Can I include online reading guidance as research experience?
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  53. Asking for possible collaboration if unknown and early-stage researcher

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  64. Salami Publication

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