2. Paper rejection probability after two round of major revision.

  3. Sage Open Journals Speed
  4. In what order should existing inter-related research be cited in a journal paper?
  5. In a journal, what's the difference between an "article" and a "monograph"?

  6. Which license should be chosen in arXiv for a paper to be published in IEEE TPDS?
  7. What provisions exist to handle scooping when there are multiple reviews of research papers?

  8. How to know a community of researchers in order to be more successful in research and getting papers accepted?

  9. Are editors OK if the publisher invites reviewers?
  10. What do publishers provide to authors in different disciplines?

  11. When/whether to do pre-submission inquiry at high impact journals

  12. What to do on a desk reject of a revised paper?
  13. Is it a good idea to submit to a single-blind journal when I have no affiliation?

  14. Can I update my research paper before the camera ready date?

  15. How to find the Endnote template for CJPH submission?

  16. How are non-academic (eg. industrial) reports cited in publications?

  17. Increasing the chance of being accepted by keeping a Ph.D. Co-Author

  18. How do journal editors check word count on pdfs?

  19. Is 15 sections too many for a journal article?
  20. Conference and Journal Ranking Websites

  21. What is the difference between IEEE transactions, magazines, conferences and journals

  22. What to do if the editor's decision is not in your favor?

  23. Where can I donate print academic journals?

  24. How is a new academic journal born?
  25. Writing and publishing a paper with a fake author
  26. What is an “invited submission” to a journal?
  27. What to do if a peer-reviewed journal took so much time to review your paper?
  28. reviews completed
  29. What does the typical workflow of a journal look like?

  30. Meaning of journal status is Archived without any notifications

  31. What open access journal can I submit with almost no money
  32. Do the top journals actually read papers?

  33. How can I prove that my article has not been submitted to another journal?
  34. What does "Reviews Completed" mean one week post-submission?
  35. Why subscribe to printed versions of math journals?

  36. Why do some journals have anonymous editors?

  37. What should I do when my accepted paper is subsequently rejected?
  38. What happens if the second reviewer for a conference proceeding keeps missing their deadline?

  39. What to do if reviewers reject a paper without understanding the content?
  40. As a student, can I publish a paper without including the head of the lab as co-author, against his wishes?

  41. Can I upload journal articles to a private git repo?
  42. Do reviewers usually ask for data? (Computer Science/ Data Science / Data Mining)

  43. Academic journals for... High school students?

  44. My paper was rejected following a lengthy delay during which an editor published a similar paper
  45. How to search for articles from a specific journal in Google Scholar?
  46. Submitting a rejected paper to the same editor in a different journal

  47. Should I add a non-requested work to my major revision of a scientific journal paper?

  48. How to change corresponding author of my published papers?

  49. What to do when bosses want me to publish for a legit journal of a predatory publisher?
  50. One of the multiple submitted paper is published and others are withdrawn

  51. In the field of programming languages, how reputable is J.ACM compared with flagship conferences such as POPL and the PL-focused journal TOPLAS?

  52. application to be a reviewer
  53. Filling in details from other papers, is it good or bad?
  54. Is it plagiarism to copy-paste part of a figure from a cited work?

  55. Delayed manuscript publication by publishers
  56. What if funding info not uploaded while submission but acknowledged?

  57. Four months after resubmition and no reply yet

  58. What is the difference between SCI and SCIE?

  59. What to bear in mind while publishing a research article in SCI journal?

  60. Do most major math journals not care about a piece of research unless it proves an established result or problem?

  61. Chapter in printed thesis vs. journal article
  62. Is it ethical to ask colleagues to write a review of my book?

  63. Can I drop the “Lond.” in “Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond.”?

  64. Distinguish starting journals from predatory ones

  65. What are the benefits and purpose of presenting a paper in an academic conference?

  66. Please ensure that you refer to Figure 3 in your text as, if accepted, production will need this reference to link the reader to the figure
  67. What to do if predatory journal won't withdraw paper after acceptance?
  68. Is it important to publish my article in a journal indexed on Thomson ISI?
  69. Why do even prominent institutions hire publishing houses (Springer / Elsevier etc.) for their journals?
  70. How to decide between submitting to a conference and a Journal?

  71. What needs to be done if an editor requires "very thorough editing"?

  72. What is the impact factor of EPJ Web of Conference?

  73. Benefits of being a guest editor of a journal?
  74. How do you judge the potential of a newer journal?
  75. Submiting a two page paper to a math journal

  76. Potential referee for a journal submission
  77. Soliciting pre-submission manuscript comments from people who could later be peer reviewers

  78. My previous supervisor keeps asking me to review her papers. How to deal with this?

  79. Has anyone here tried this alternative peer review platform 'Peerage of Science'?
  80. Can you share some screenshots of editor's control panels?

  81. Is it appropriate to contact a journal about grammatically erroneous editing?

  82. Is there a website for rating and reviewing journals openly?

  83. Using first person or third person in papers?

  84. Putting both research report and research brief on CV?

  85. What does it meant " assignment of paper with decision in prosess " in the same time?
  86. Can I write a template just like the Elsevier LaTeX template?
  87. Can a journal article contain a personal circumstance description as motive for justifying the literature approach?
  88. Access to journals for individuals outside of an institution?
  89. Editor refuses to handle my paper for “lack of expertise”

  90. Are there any journals that pay reviewers?

  91. How should I handle reviewer comments when grammar makes the meaning unclear?
  92. Consequences of unwittingly reinventing an idea
  93. Under "Reviewers Assigned " status for too long
  94. What are the criteria for effective academic journal websites?

  95. Read latest journal articles on your phone?

  96. Why did journal subscription prices increase by 25% between 2013 and 2017? (vs. 5% for US inflation)
  97. Does a Meta-Study contribute to the Body-of-Research and how?

  98. Former PhD supervisor faked results and submitted a corrigendum two years after publication

  99. Number of Papers published in area of work
  100. Which arXiv license to use for archiving an ACM CSUR journal?