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  1. One more undergraduate year for grad school?

  2. What are the cons of studying in a Ph.D. program that takes much time to confer the degree (about 1 year and a half or 2 years, after dissertation)?

  3. What is the difference between a literature survey and a conceptual paper?

  4. Does the duration of doctoral and postdoctoral phase *always* matter for a W1 position in Germany?

  5. How to approach a student with bad hygiene?
  6. Overcoming a profound basis of underperformance as a freshman

  7. Should I Quote Scholars (Dead or Alive) in Past or Present Tense?

  8. How to deal with inactive students in undergraduate projects?

  9. How to avoid writing a grant with an advisor

  10. Are course evaluation forms REALLY confidential?
  11. How could I transfer to another Ph.D program?

  12. May a man attend a workshop entitled “Young women in [domain]”?

  13. Don't PhD programs in Europe always inform the application result?

  14. What counts as Research Experience?
  15. My professor and chair of the department traced back a supposedly anonymus course evaluation to me. How to proceed?
  16. Standard Word templates, fonts, etcetera. for non/semi-technical Springer journals?

  17. String Theory as career

  18. How to properly assess a student's knowledge of a subject

  19. Mendeley citation standardization

  20. How can I organise my own proctor in South America for a foreign university exam?

  21. Review-only supplemental material
  22. Is "Assistant Professor Position (Tenure Track) for a female Researcher" illegal in Austria?

  23. Paper submitted with repeated sentences in the introduction
  24. Research funding in China

  25. Letter writer snapped at my reminder email. What can I do in the future to prevent this, and should I still accept his letter?
  26. Backlog in case of PhD application

  27. How to address the german “Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. X” in writing?
  28. Attributing Second-order Citations
  29. When did English come to lead in published research?
  30. Statement of purpose: what are professors hiring for an internship looking for?

  31. Style of Publications chapter of PhD thesis
  32. What are the options for a drop out turned professional to return to academia?

  33. Why do grad programs ask for date of birth?

  34. Semi-administrative position in academic/research setting after finishing Ph.D. and postdoc(s)
  35. Submitting short version of an under review journal article in conference

  36. Difficult student would dispute every grade in the course and now wants letter of recommendation

  37. A student forgot to answer an exam question

  38. Reference manager that sorts by number of citations

  39. What to do in case of exclusion in the co-authors?

  40. endnote online search doesn't work

  41. How to become a peer-reviewer?
  42. After the passing of my supervisor, the department forces me to start again from zero. How to respond?

  43. Should a young professor avoid using dating apps?

  44. How to get access to scientific articles after leaving academia, to see if people are citing me correctly
  45. Does your areas of research matter for graduate school?

  46. Ranking of Research Institutes (excluding universities)

  47. What education does one need to be called "Professor" in the United States of America?

  48. How can one best seek out collaborators in obscure topics as a young researcher?
  49. Professor didn't write recommendation letter on time, what should I do?
  50. Did my professor properly accommodate my disability?

  51. Are vacations counted for student research assistants in Germany?
  52. Should I use my university's letterhead for a cover letter for a job application?
  53. My supervisor is too involved, what should I do?

  54. Would students feel uncomfortable if I include in my lecture a quote which is somewhat sexually suggestive?

  55. Will a master student publishing several short papers come across in a bad way?

  56. Resources on how to overcome writer's block, especially for non-native English speakers?

  57. In a revision, is it essential to address editor comments, even if they misrepresent a reviewer comment?
  58. Justifying the small size of a dataset due to collection difficulties

  59. How can I start to write my final paper?

  60. Where do general researchers make general discussions, online?
  61. W2 positions at the universities of applied sciences in Germany

  62. Should request payment details for a project I am to do?
  63. How important is the write-up of a PhD thesis for an academic career?
  64. Teaching Citation: Are there any Journals which Fully Apply APA, MLA or Chicago Citation Rules
  65. Is there an alternative to traditional exams?
  66. Admission as a freshman

  67. GPA data across majors

  68. Asking questions in class: how can I "exit" a Q&A when I haven't really understood?

  69. How much do Springer-Verlag authors make per book sold?

  70. Suggestions please, how to determine the absolute position on a map containing black and white random blocks?

  71. Finding some errors in my "IEEE conference paper" after presentation but before publication

  72. Defining employment on grad school applications
  73. Requesting Alternate Ph.D. Interview Date
  74. Contacting a potential advisor: Where should I go from here?
  75. I have a 94.55% gpa then I got a d what would my grade be?
  76. How to list an old manuscript on my CV/website?

  77. Can I share an unpublished paper without this counting as prior publication?

  78. Teacing programming remotely
  79. Resurrecting old research done at another university. Do I need permission from previous supervisor to publish, and how should I credit?
  80. Mailing a relevant researcher before starting to think about the problem
  81. Has anybody received any solicitation from Nova Press? Are they a scam?

  82. Difference between experiential learning and hands-on learning
  83. Should sources helping me understand concepts but not crucial to reconstruct my work be cited?

  84. Is it weird to give your new PhD supervisor a "thank you" gift for supporting your application?
  85. Freshman applying to REUs, only know one professor well

  86. Long way to disappointment. Shall I quit a Phd or suffer for the title?
  87. What are some good schools in Europe and USA in functional analysis?

  88. What is a reasonable rate to charge for editing someone else's thesis?

  89. How to make a full article out of one straightforward, but interesting point?
  90. called going to be rusty of learning html,php,javascript,jquery

  91. Should I submit a personal statement even if the program doesn't require one?
  92. How are papers on NIPS Proceedings licensed?

  93. writing mathematical equations and symbols in EDAS reviewer comments

  94. As a non-academic, how do I find papers that reference a certain article?

  95. Can I submit just two great letters of recommendation if the application calls for three?

  96. Interested in Neuroscience programs but lack research experience & grades
  97. Can you submit to journals after presenting cases as eposter in conferences?
  98. Must a tutorial TA resolve any questions from the students?

  99. Why would I want to register with ORCID?
  100. How can I hire a professor to write a research paper?